My Profit Land Documentation

This is the MPL Starting Page.


It shows your citizenship and based on that, other information.


It shows the country and region where you are.

Available Jobs:

It shows the total active workplaces available for you to work in your current location.

Change Region Button:

It opens a menu where you can choose a new country and or region to travel and the distance to it from your current location.

You can Travel by:
• Foot - speed: very slow, cost: free but will deplete your energy to 1%.
Public Transport - speed: slow, cost: free (30 minutes fixed travel time)

        • Only available if your government paid for it and only travels between regions of your country.

        • They can have 2, 5 or 10 travels per hour and the government pays 1, 3 or 6 euro respectively.

• Your Car (if you have one) - speed: slow, cost: fuel (diesel).
• Rented Car from another person - speed: slow, cost: fee in gold.

• Your Airplane (if you have one) - speed: very fast, cost: fuel (kerosene).

• Rented Airplane from another person - speed: very fast, cost: fee in gold.

• The costs of fuel are calculated by: distance ÷ 800 (with one fuel you can travel 800km).

• All the costs will be shown in the menu, based on the distance you have to travel.
• If no transportation is selected you will make your journey by foot.
• Once you start to travel you can quickly finish it by paying 0.1 Euros to the Partners Fund.

• You can check the vehicles, their location and fuel in the Left Menu → My Inventory. The maximum amount of fuel that you can store in the inventory is 1000.
• You can rent vehicles to other players. Rent is paid in gold. Vehicles stay in the region they last traveled to, but they can be recalled to where you are, if they have been unused for more than 24 hours.

• If you move to a different country, you need to request citizenship in order to work or trade there.
• You can ask for citizenship in a country on the respective page, clicking in a country name. After that, the Prime Minister of that country must accept your application!
• You can only change citizenship once a month and you need a Governmental Form.
• You can’t be a member of any organization in order to apply for a new citizenship, any currently open applications to organizations will be void.
• If the country you want to be citizen has no Government, your application will be accepted by default shortly after request.

Housing Situation:

It shows if you currently have a roof over your head, either your own house, a rented one or if you are in the homeless shelter. If you are homeless, the Rent and Buy buttons will open the Real Estate Market page for the country where you are, you can find here houses to buy and or rent.


It shows the resumed information about the current active wars on the country where you are.

War Activity Button:

It will open the page with detailed information about that war and will allow you to participate in it, assuming you have the right requisites (see more about this in the Wars Section).

Latest Local Shouts:

It shows the latest messages from players in your current country.


• It shows the current several bonus in the country where you are. They’re set by that country’s government members.
        • Work Bonus - After 3 full worked days in a row you get a bonus (6 worked shifts in 72 hours). You need a verified account to get this bonus.
        • Recruitment Bonus - For each recruitment, the state budget gives you a bonus.
        • Minimum Wage - Companies must pay at least this much wage per hour.

Friends List:

• You can add people to your friends list by going to their profile and use the Send Friend Request button.

• This list will show up to 15 persons.

Worldwide Shouts:

• It shows the latest messages from players in all the game.

• It costs 2 gold to send a worldwide shout.

• You can go back to the homepage by clicking in the Home button or in the Game Logo.

You can check your Energy on the top of the Left Menu (click the “i” Icon to open the Energy Breakdown window to help you better understand how Energy works).

Energy is one of the most important things in MPL:

• Determines your Productivity together with your Economic Score (E + ES) ÷ 2.

• Determines the damage done in wars (100% Energy = Full Weapon Damage).
• Determines the amount of gold you receive per Active Recruit / Referral, based on their energy level (Active Recruit is a Referral that has energy above or equal to 15%, has worked in the last 24 hours and his account is older than 3 days).
• Determines the amount earned from your recruits income up to 10%, based on your energy.

Energy will drop or raise based on many things:
• Each hour it will drop by (Energy x ((Energy 
÷ 5000 ) + 0,016))
• Each hour it will raise 1 point if you have less than 10 energy.
• Each time you recruit, it will drop 1 point.
• Each time you attack or defend on a war, it will drop 5 points.
• Each time you work, it will drop by 20%.

• Each time you travel by foot, it will be depleted to 1%.

• Eating and Drinking will make your energy raise:
        Wine: Cheap - 5, Good - 15 or Great - 25 Points (drinkable each 24 hours).
        • Beer - 8 Points (drinkable each 6 hours).
        Meals: Beef Steak - 12 Points (stored in inventory with a 6 hours cooldown, used automatically by the system).
        Dairy: Milk Jug - 2 and Bitto Cheese - 50 Points (stored in inventory with no cooldown).
        Coffee - 5 Points (stored in inventory with a 5 minutes cooldown - shared with Mocaccino).
        • Mocaccino - 20 Points (stored in inventory with a 5 minutes cooldown - shared with Coffee).

• Wearing Clothes will raise your energy based on its quality: (they last for 15 days)

        One Star (*) - 1 point each 24 hours (10 clothes = +0.42 / hour).
        Two Stars (* *) - 3 points each 24 hours (10 clothes = +1.25 / hour).

• Living in a House will raise your energy based on its size / quality:
        Small House (*) - 12 points each 24 hours (+0.50 / hour).
        Nice Apartment (* *) - 20 points each 24 hours (+0.83 / hour).
        Mansion (* * *) - 35 points each 24 hours (+1.46 / hour).
        • General's Castle (* * * *) - 40 points each 24 hours (+1.67 / hour)
        • You can live temporarily (48 hours) in Homeless Shelters: 10 points each 24 hours (+0.42 / hour).

• You can check your clothing stats in the Left Menu → My Clothing.

• You can check and use (some are usable products) all the items you have that can give you energy (Coffee, Milk Jug, Bitto Cheese and Meals) in the Left Menu → My Inventory.

Maximum amounts of products storable in the inventory:

• Coffee - 50.
• Mocaccino - 10.
• Milk - 25.
• Beef Steak - 10.
• Cheese - 10.

To open the work page you go to Activities → Workplaces.

Working is one of the main sources of income in MPL for beginners:
• The amount of local currency earned per work shift depends on your productivity.
Productivity is calculated by: (E + ES) ÷ 2 where E = Energy and ES = Economic Score.
Economic score drops daily by 1 point (at 24:00 server time) and increases 1 point each worked shift, maximum is 100.
• A work shift lasts for 4 hours and you can work twice each 24 hours. For as long as you work you can’t recruit, travel or fight in wars.
Amount earned: (Wage x 4 x (Productivity ÷ 100)).

You pay a percentage of the amount earned:
• Up to 15% to your recruiter, according to the energy level he has (5% + (Energy ÷ 10)%)
• The income tax to the state budget, set by your country’s government.

• Each 3 days in a row (6 worked shifts in 72 hours for the same country) you earn the (Work Bonus x Productivity ÷ 100). You need a verified account to get this bonus.

• The work bonus is a great source of income for beginners. It’s a good idea to consume energy products before the 6th work shift.

• The workplaces available to you are the ones active in your current Country → Region.
• You can only work at the company that offers the biggest wage and in the country where you have citizenship.

• You can work overtime as many times as you like as long as you have at least 55% energy. Overtime shifts do not count for the work bonus or ES.

To open the recruitment page you go to Activities → Recruitment.

Recruitment is an extra source of income in MPL:
• When a player creates a new account in MPL, that player will be linked to a recruiter (the player that recruited him) for 3 months.

• Use your referral link in Left Menu → My Recruits to advertise MPL and get people register under your account.
• After 3 months, if not blocked again the recruit will be available to be recruited by others in his region.
• Your recruits will pay you a fee of 5% + (your energy ÷ 10)% of their earnings, earnings go up one more tier.

• Each recruitment takes 10 minutes to perform and reduces 1 energy point.

• You can only recruit 10 times per day and can only unblock recruits with more than 24 hours.

• Each time your recruit invests euro, you receive a 10% commission from the partners fund, earnings go up one more tier based on the recruit tax formula.
• You earn an amount of gold per day from the Community → Global Market Fund per each active recruit / referral based on their energy level (active recruit is a referral that has energy above or equal to 15%, has worked in the last 24 hours, is verified and his account is older than 3 days). This amount ajusts everyday, if the current balance is smaller than yesterday it will decrease the payout by 0.1 gold, if not it will increase the payout by 0.1 gold.

• When you recruit a citizen he will be blocked for 24 hours. Blocking a recruit costs 0.5€ per 30 days.
• While blocked, they can’t be recruited by others.
• You can sell recruits in the recruits market but only if their accounts are verified.

• To open your recruits page, block, unblock and set their price, you go to the Left Menu → My Recruits.
• To check the recruits for sale, you go to Markets → Recruits Market.

• Accounts are terminated after 2 months of no activity. When a player is terminated, their username will have an asterisk next to it. All funds from the terminated account will go to his recruiter, same with Partners Fund shares and recruits. All assets like companies, stocks, houses, weapons, etc will be deleted, however funds that are in the companies are first transferred to the account before getting deleted so recruiters will get the funds from the companies.

To open the casinos page you go to Activities → Casinos.

Casinos are a way to earn money and have fun while playing MPL:
• Casinos are companies opened by players like any others.
• In the casinos page you have a list of the casinos, their funds, your funds on them and bet prices.

• To open a casino to play, you use the play button next to the casino details.
• Follow the instructions in the page to play. You should know how to play Blackjack before betting.

• You can withdraw your funds from a casino in the Left Menu → My Finances.

To open a war page you go to Activities → War Activity → Active / Finished Button
You can also open an active war page in which your country is involved in the Homepage → Wars with *Country* → War Activity Button.
If you belong to an organization you can also open related war pages in Organizations → Organization Panel → Wars → War Activity Button.

Wars are a way to earn gold, conquer regions for more resources, raise your military rank and have your name listed on the patriots page:
• Only organizations can open wars against other countries, for 7 Gold and a Military Form (by the leader or officers), maximum 2 open wars simultaneously per country.

• The game will assume a war is fake if there is less than 300.000 overall damage in total on the attackers side.

• Every time an Organization is going to create a new war, the game will check the last 5 wars created by that ORG, for each fake war found, there will be a penalty of 7 gold applied to the price of opening a new war.
• All members of organizations have a 5% bonus (or more with an active organization damage boost) in the effective damage.

• You must have attack weapons to attack and defense weapons to defend a region.
• Both attackers and defenders must travel to the attacked region.

• Only verified accounts can do damage in wars.

• Not wearing a full set of clothes applies a 10% damage penalty in wars.

• Generals can launch Bombs in both defense and offence (their countries must have the bombs in stock). Bombs can only be launched if they reach the region 10 minutes before the war ends. They add damage to the side that launched them and some have also other effects:

    • Chemical Bomb - 50 000 damage, anyone in the region will get its energy reduced to 1% and will be intoxicated (de-buff that lasts for 24 hours and will prevent energy from going up naturally from houses and clothes. Only direct energy products will work during this time. Consuming cheese will counter this as an instant antidote, flying time of 15 minutes.

    • Nuclear Bomb - 4 000 000 damage, destroy 50% of the available resources in the region, flying time of 6 hours.

    • Ballistic Missile - 200 000 damage and 10x damage to bunkers, flying time of 1 hour.

• Military Vehicles can be used to give damage in wars, this damage is not added to your personal damage count or rank (separate ranks for them). You can read more about this in the section Military Vehicles (coming soon).

• You can check your weapons stats, military rank bonus and total damages in the Left Menu → My Weapons & Info.
• For each determined amount of damage dealt in a war, you will earn medals and gold if available in the war fund (check a war page for the damages needed, the gold that can be earned and the war fund available at the moment for the first 10 medals in each rank). The gold earned is taxed by countries and recruits (5%).

• 10 medals will grant you the respective military rank.

• Surplus war medals (above 10 for each rank) can now be converted into collectable medals, this means if you have a rank of General, for example, you can convert any medals you win in wars into collectables. You can't convert collectable medals back into ranking medals.

• Collectable medals can be sold to the War Fund for their their full value. You can do this whenever you can/want, as long as the War Fund has the fund to buy it.

• Collectable medals can be sold to other players (that have that medal rank), these players can then sell them to the War Fund. To sell, convert and check medals: Left Menu → My Medals.

• The War Fund will only pay for your Collectable medal if it holds atleast the amount of gold for you medal + 100 gold.

• The minimum value for players to buy medals is 50% of the current gold value that the War Fund pays.

• Gold payout changes with the Euro ↔ Gold rate.

Warriors have a special status set on their account. You can enable this from the Left Menu → My Weapons & Info. Available for Warriors with damage above 350.000 over the past 48 hours, this grants them the ability to drink Mocaccino, wine every 12 hours and beer every 3 hours. This status requires a Military Form and lasts for 48 hours.

• You can check your medals and rank in your profile under the military tab (clicking on your name).
• Per each rank you earn you get a +5% bonus damage up to 40% (General Rank).

• Members of organizations can earn extra gold based on their total damage (Organizations → Organization Panel → Members) done in service of it when an officer or leader withdraw gold in Organizations → Organization Panel → Financial.

• On the war page you also have access to several energy boosts paid in euro to help you in wars and they have a 10 seconds cooldown.
• Organizations also earn extra (gold ÷ 6
) earned by its members on wars before its end if they were the ones to open the war.

• Each war lasts for 24 hours, the winning country gets the region they were fighting for (the organization that opened the war, if they win will have that region associated to it).

• Top damage player in the winning side, will own that region and can sell it in the Markets → Regions Market (set price in Left Menu → My Regions) but only if the region is not under attack. The minimum sell price for regions is 50 Gold and the amount is taxed 30% to the Partners Fund.

• The government can build bunkers in regions to mitigate 20% of the damage made by attackers (only players, not bombs). Bunkers have 15 000 000 hit points and cost 1 Euro plus an extra 0.10 Euro for each bunker already built. If the defender loses and has a bunker, the bunker of that country is destroyed.

• Regions involved in wars will be blocked depending on the total damage done by the winner, until they can be attacked again but can be unlocked for 1€:

    • 300 000 to 999 999 damage - locked for 2 days

    • 1 000 000 to 2 499 999 damage - locked for 3 days

    • 2 500 000 to 4 999 999 damage - locked for 7 days

    • 5 000 000 or more damage - locked for 15 days

• White Flag: Any country can raise their white flag twice a year, this peace time lasts for 15 days (while under white flag, the country cannot be attacked and cannot attack any regions), costs 50 Euro and needs at least 51% of the government members in favour to cast their vote in the government panel. White Flag can be canceled at any time. New unlocked countries now get 1 free White Flag when unlocked.

• Sponsorship: Players can sponsor wars. In the war page you can see how much each side is sponsored for. You can sponsor the attackers, defenders or both. If the side you sponsored wins, that side gets paid the total amount that was paid by all sponsors for that side. Warriors are paid based on the damage they do.

If the side sponsored loses the war, the sponsors get their money back, warriors from the losing side dont get paid. 

• 30% of the partners fund incomes are added to the war fund.

• Countries are taxed a percentage of all their incomes, based on the amount of regions they have, those funds are then added to the war fund:
    • 1 region - 25%

    • 2 to 19 regions - 30%

    • 20 to 34 regions - 35%

    • 35 to 49 regions - 40%

    • 50 to 79 regions - 45%

    • 80 or more - 50%

The place to perform several purchases.

Local Goods Market:

• In the local market you can buy all the products that the local companies are selling using your country currency.
• All the products are organized into sections.

Global Goods Market:
• In the global market you can buy products from outside your country. All prices are in gold and the companies that sell their products here, will pay a 10% fee to the global market fund. This fund is used to pay for the active recruits / referrals.
• All the products are organized into sections like the local goods market.
• Houses from house deeds will be placed in the country where you are at the moment you buy them.

• Players can't see products from the same country in this market.

• Company owners can set friendly organizations and a discount on final products for them.

• There is a Foreign Tax paid to the companies that overcharge foreign citizens when buying in the local market.

Financial Market:
• You can buy or sell euro, gold or the country currency on a free market similar to the real FOREX. Must be said that you only have access to the currency of the country you are in. In order to buy or sell currencies of other countries, you need to travel to those countries. The Euro ↔ Gold market on the other hand is global.
• You can check here the current rates with a graphic with the last variations and a list with the transactions.

• You can also open the financial market in the small graphic icon in your left menu next to gold.
• Exchanging currencies can be an extra profit source if you know what you are doing, selling and buying in the right moments when the rates favours you (have in mind that each time you exchange currencies you pay a tax).

Recruits Market:
• The recruiting market is international which means you can trade recruits from all over the world, in gold. For a better investment we recommend you take a look at the income report of that particular recruit before buying him.
• To sell a recruit you set his price in the Left Menu → My Recruits.

• Recruits with unverified accounts can not be sold.

Real Estate Market:
• Here you can find the houses for sale or rent. You can rent a house for a minimum of 1 day, maximum of 7 days and as long as you live in it you get its energy bonus.

• If you leave the country (travel to a region that belongs to a different country from the one you have your house) you will automatically leave the house as well.

• Remember that after renting or buying a house you have to move in (Left Menu → My Real Estate → Move In Button next to your house).

• This houses are owned by players and are already deployed in a country. If you want a house deed you need to go to the local or global markets (section deeds).

• Houses last forever as long as you pay for the property tax to the state budget. The property tax is paid according to the amount of energy the house gives you.

Countries with homeless shelters provide free accommodation for hard working citizens. The amount of available rooms is limited.

• Citizens in shelters get 10 energy points over a span of 24 hours.

• Only citizens without a home and that have received the work bonus in the last 7 days are eligible to use shelters.
• Homeless shelters are built by the country’s Government and last for 1 month.

• They can have 10, 20 or 30 rooms and have a cost of 1, 3 or 6 euro respectively to the state budget.

• They can be occupied for 2 Days.

Company Auctions:
• The prices are in gold, these auctions are from all over the world.
• During the auction, if a user bids in the last 3 minutes before the auction ends, the term of the auction will be prolonged with another 3 minutes.
• When you bid, you are withdrawn the sum from the account. If someone outbids you, the sum is given back into your account.
• Here is the only place where you can buy companies from other players. If you want to open a brand new company you need to go to the Left Menu → My Companies → Open a New Company Button.

Medals Market:

• From here you can buy and sell collectable war medals from and to other players, in gold.

• If you would like to buy medals, set your price and the amount.

• If you want to sell them, check the buyers list for the best deal.

• You can check your medals, convert them to collectable medals, upgrage and sell collectable medals to war fund in Left Menu → My Medals

Regions Market:

• Here you find a list of regions (conquered in wars) for sale all over the world.

• The prices are in gold and the minimum price is 50 gold.

• The region goes to the country where the buyer has citizenship.

• You can check the regions you own and set the price in the Left Menu → My Regions

• The warrior from the winning side, with most damage done, will be the righful owner of the region attacked.

• Regions under attack can not be sold.

Medals Shop:

• In the medals shop you can buy items using your collectable medals. The shop is not always available.

To open the Companies page you go to the Left Menu → My Companies.

• Here you have a list of the companies you own.

• To open a new company you use the Open a New Company button, companies can only be open on the country you have citizenship and cost 30€.

• Solar Panel Farm and Water Well Drilling are free to open and each player can only have one of this companies, they produce unattended for 7 days and after this time, the owner has to gather what was produced or the production is paused.

• To manage a company, press the Management button next to it.

• In order to produce goods, you need to have raw materials and a valid and active license.

• Always check the status of your license when you activate the workplaces.
• If you click on the company name, you only get a brief description of it.

• You need to invest gold in your company and exchange into your country currency to pay for raw materials and wages (Financial menu).
• In Alerts you have a list of all the players that worked in your company and the productivity info.

• In Inventory you have the stock of raw materials and produced products. You can buy more raw materials from the Orders Markets, creating a Buy Order or accepting a Sell Order.

• You can also sell your products by setting a Sell Order.

• Its not possible to sell below production cost for finished products or below 80% for the rest.

• Finished products can be sold both in Local Market (local currency) and Global Market (gold).

• You can also buy or extend your product licences here, each license normally costs 1€ except for clothes 1 star (*) that costs 0.5€ and a Licensing Form.

• Next to the product name you have info about the requirements needed for it in “i” and you can halt the production of that product by pressing Active (you resume the production by pressing again in the same button that now says Stopped).

• Its possible for companies to reset raws and production costs for a fee of 10 Gold each reset, also they are reset when buying a company in auction.

• In Workplaces you choose the region where you want your workplace to be active (to open new branches you go to the Branches menu, the cost is 1€ each)
• You set here the wage you want to pay per hour (each country have a minimum wage set by the government)
• You have info about the position your workplace occupies in the region and two buttons to Stop and Start the workplace.
• You can also open a new workplace in the Buy an additional workplace for 3 Euro (2 goes to the partners fund and 1 to the state budget). Maximum of 8 WP for each company.
• You have an option in Production Priority to make random products or to produce the one with least stock in your company first.
• When a player tries to work and a company runs out of money for wages, materials or the region is out of raws, the workplace will fail like before and all workplaces from that company will be hidden for 30 seconds.

• Workplaces are locked for 6 hours when someone works on them.
• In the Branches tab you can open new ones and check the resources available in each region owned by your country.

• In Other you can set the company name, set discounts to organizations, upgrade the company up to level 8 (+80% productivity) for more production, and sell your company in an auction. You can also buy 20% boosts that last for 7 days, they are won in a blind auction (min bid of 1 gold) and only 3 active in the game per company type.

• Companies value are based on the buy cost + workplaces + branches + upgrades.
• Auctions have a minimum starting value of 40% of the company value.
• A starting fee is paid based on the time the auction will run (1 day = 10 gold, 3 days = 20 gold, 7 days = 30 gold).
• A fee of 15% is paid from the final auction value to the partners fund.

• For the Winery Company you have an extra tab (The Cellar) to place your Pressed Wine into maturing. For different quality wines you need different maturing times: 1* (Cheap) - 0 to 9 days, 2* (Good) - 10 to 29 days and 3* (Great) - 30 days or more. It has room for 5 aging batches to run at the same time and you can stop the process at any time. Wine companies can Re-Age their Cheap and Good wines (flask icon). The process wastes 50% of the bottles and creates a new aging batch.

These are the companies you can open in MPL.